Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapter 6 TLAC - Love this!

I want to thank everyone for their posting on Chapter 5! I certainly agree with everything you all said! I love the fact that this book is simple, but so right on the money! I love Chapter 6 also! I think the techniques are straightforward, but so efficient and send the message we are trying to send. The chapter dedicates 10 pages to 100%. I think that tells us how valuable it is. I know when I was a teacher - I would let 1 or 2 kids slide, and I can look back now and see how toxic this can be. I am really hopeful that addressing this at NMS can make a big difference in our culture. If every student is expected to participate and work every day - then eventually it will be cool to work hard! I hope that will help us create the elusive tipping point to fall in the right direction. I love the quote, "Excellence is a habit". I think that is something I need to remember also! One other section that I have used a lot - is ignoring the inappropriate behavior. TLAC does NOT support that technique. I can now see why. I think there are times when it is ok to ignore something, but I think we need to use that with caution. I love What to Do also! Non-compliance is a big issue here at NMS! I can't wait to delve into that! But, I can already see being specific with kids on What To DO and NOT What NOT To do is going to make a difference. At least then we will all know who is being NON Compliant and who isn't! Strong Voice has great pieces to it also! I believe that is so similiar to the Love and Logic strategies! I like working on Doing it Better. I think that adds to the Excellence is a Habit! I am excited and think we are going to be building a great culture of achievement next year as we learn to employ these techniques!!!